#BeSunSafe Sunscreen Program Expands (Summer 2019)


We are thrilled to announce that due to the success of the #BeSunSafe program in waterfront parks last year has prompted the City of Toronto, the Douglas Wright Foundation and the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund to expand our public health program providing free sunscreen in select City parks this summer.

The Health Canada-approved SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen will be available at 75 dispensers located in City parks along the waterfront as well as several new locations. High Park, Riverdale Farm and Evergreen Brick Works dispensers have been added to this year's program.

The purpose of the #BeSunSafe program is to prevent skin cancer by raising awareness of the importance of sun protection.

In the summer of 2018, the #BeSunSafe program protected up to 94,000 people in 50 waterfront park locations and raised significant skin cancer prevention awareness. The 2018 #BeSunSafe program won the Canadian Dermatology Association Public Education Award.

For more information on this initiative, please the following pages:

Sunscreen Dispenser Program Update (2018)

TTC Transit Ad Image.jpg

With your generous assistance, the Douglas Wright Foundation in partnership with the our friends at the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, is proud to update our supporters with details of our highly successful #BeSunSafe initiative during the summer of 2018.

Highlights of the program thus far include:

  • Sunscreen dispensers available in 50 locations along the Toronto waterfront (click HERE for details)

  • Four mobile sunscreen dispensers utilized by Toronto Public Health and Parks and Recreation at various festivals during the summer months

  • 101 TTC shelter advertisements and posters in all Toronto Public Libraries - funded by the City of Toronto

  • Significant media coverage at launch and throughout the summer months, including:

  • Winner of the Canadian Dermatology's 2018 Public Education Award

We look forward to announcing new initiatives related to #BeSunSafe in the coming weeks. Thank you again for your support!

Sunscreen Dispenser Program Expansion (Summer 2018)


On Melanoma Monday, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our award winning partnership with the City of Toronto and David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, which provides free sunscreen in select parks along the City of Toronto waterfront.

"Our waterfront parks are well-loved and well-used by Torontonians and visitors alike," said Mayor John Tory. "With the success of the pilot and expansion of this program, it’s great to see that so many will be able to enjoy our common grounds with easy access to sun safety." 

Our sunscreen dispensers will now be available in fifty locations along the Toronto waterfront this summer, spanning nearly 50 kilometres from Marie Curtis Park to Rouge Beach. You may read the full press release by clicking here.

We are so incredibly thankful for all of your support, which has been integral in making this project possible. We strongly believe that sunscreen should be available throughout the city, at no cost to the public during the warm weather seasons. Our generous supporters have helped make this vision a reality, and we are optimistic about further expansion of this program in the future.

#BeSunSafe 2017


We were thrilled to partner with the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund and the City of Toronto on a pilot project to provide free sunscreen in select city parks. The pilot project launched on August 2, 2017 with six sunscreen dispensers in five parks: Kew Gardens Park, Sherbourne Common, Harbour Square Park, HTO Park and Little Norway Park. We were excited to help Torontonians #besunsafe! Please visit www.besunsafe.ca for more information about this exciting initiative.


The Douglas Wright Foundation’s Eclipse Melanoma Party was held on Friday, June 2nd, 2017 at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. The event featured a silent auction, barbecue dinner, open bar and another beautiful night on the island with family and friends.

This event marked our foundation's 6th year, and provided an opportunity to update our valued donors and friends on all of our exciting projects and activities.


Michael exiting lake ontario after a successful crossing. photo by laura lanktree.

Michael exiting lake ontario after a successful crossing. photo by laura lanktree.

Just over six months ago Michael McIsaac stepped out of the cold waters by Marilyn Bell Park, successfully completing a fifty-one kilometre marathon swim across Lake Ontario. Michael completed the swim in twenty two hours and twenty two minutes, becoming the 61st person in history to achieve this accomplishment. In this effort, Crossing for a Cause raised over $140,000 for the Douglas Wright Foundation and, as importantly, successfully promoted awareness in our community of the grave dangers of melanoma and the importance of practicing sun safety.

Michael and his crew of thirty commenced their grueling journey from Niagara-on-the-Lake on August 22nd at 12:18 am. Starting and finishing the swim in complete darkness, Michael had to endure choppy waters, cold temperatures and a nagging shoulder injury.

Although we cannot fully capture the experience that was Crossing for a Cause, the Foundation was truly lucky to have as part of the crew Laura Lanktree, an accomplished documentary filmmaker and founder of LLChemy.

We are excited to give you access to Laura’s short documentary about Crossing for a Cause, which is now available for viewing below, or by clicking here.

Please also visit the Crossing for a Cause website for news clips capturing Michael training and the swim. 

We would like to once again thank all of our donors, and in particular our kilometer sponsors who are listed on the website. Crossing for a Cause would not have been a success without your support, donations and continuous encouragement. We thank you for your support and for helping us make Crossing for a Cause a lifetime achievement. 

Most importantly, we are so incredibly proud of Michael McIsaac for completing this monumental challenge, and cannot thank him enough for his decision to support our cause. Congratulations Michael, and thank you so much.


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new video campaign! May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Let's make sun protection a #newfamilyrule!

See below to view the video, and please visit our campaign website at www.newfamilyrule.com.

Crossing for a Cause

Please support Michael McIsaac, as he prepares to attempt a solo swim across Lake Ontario to support the fight against melanoma. Michael has already raised nearly $57,000, with all proceeds being donated to the Douglas Wright Foundation. We are incredibly honoured to have Michael's confidence and support. 

You will find additional details about this incredible initiative at Crossing for a Cause. You may also join Michael on his Facebook page. Please also visit our News Page for additional updates.

Doug lived life with enthusiasm, sharing his boundless energy with everyone around him. He brought us together, and we are better for it. Our mission, inspired by Doug, is that if we work together we can put an end to melanoma.