The Douglas Wright Foundation is a charitable organization devoted to fighting melanoma cancer in Canada by increasing awareness, educating the public about early detection and preventative measures, and fostering partnerships between likeminded organizations. Below are some of the initiatives the Douglas Wright Foundation has undertaken to further these goals. 


#BeSunSafe Sunscreen Dispenser Program

We were thrilled to partner with our friends at the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund and the City of Toronto on a program to provide free sunscreen in select city parks. The pilot project launched on August 2, 2017 with six sunscreen dispensers in five parks: Kew Gardens Park, Sherbourne Common, Harbour Square Park, HTO Park and Little Norway Park. During the summer of 2018 we increased the number of dispensers available along the Toronto waterfront to 50. We were excited to continue our expansion of this program which helps Torontonians #BeSunSafe!

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National Sun Safety Program

Youth education is the highest priority for the Douglas Wright Foundation. Canada’s youth do not receive nearly enough education in our schools and communities about the severe and deadly risks of overexposure to the sun and UV rays.

In April 2013, the Douglas Wright Foundation, in partnership with the Melanoma Network of Canada, engaged LeftRight Learning, Inc. to lead the development of a National Program on Sun Safety and Sun Awareness for Junior Kindergarten to grade 12 youth. The program, called “Screen Me” focuses on three key initiatives: (1) a Sun Awareness Camp Certification program (see below); (2) an interactive, fun and educational website for children, youth and parents; and (3) a school based education program which will be taught through the Toronto District School Boards’ Urban Forest program. 


Sun Awareness Camp Certification Program

The SUN AWARE Camp Program, launched in 2014, is designed to protect children and teens from skin cancer by supporting camp owners and directors to implement best practices in sun safety. The program is free for participating camps and is the first of its kind in Canada. The SUN AWARE certification offers a free and easy-to-follow program for owners and directors of children and youth-geared summer camps to implement best practices in sun safety. Since it's initial launch in the summer of 2014, the Douglas Wright Foundation has committed $250,000 in funding for the SUN AWARE Camp Certification Program through to 2018. This significant expenditure helped develop the Program and will help fund the Program for the coming years and help facilitate the growth of the program to additional summer camps and outdoor schools. The Screen Me Sun Aware Camp Program was chosen by the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) as a recipient of the CDA 2017 Public Education Awards in the Not-for-Profit category

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University of Toronto Douglas Wright Melanoma Award

The Douglas Wright Foundation has recently committed $100,000 to the University of Toronto Department of Medicine to create the Douglas Wright Melanoma Award. Awarded annually, The Douglas Wright Melanoma Award will inspire and encourage the 500 residents and 250 fellows in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto to embark on innovative melanoma-related research projects The award is the first of its kind at the University of Toronto.

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New Family Rule Program

The Douglas Wright Foundation, in partnership with the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, funded the development of a website and video for families outlining the need for sun protection and how to practice sun safety. The website includes FAQs for parents, information on Melanoma, a "How To" section on sun safety for parents and tools and activity sheets for children to teach them about the importance of sun safety and how to practice sun safety. The video has been viewed over 2.8 million times and is available on YouTube by clicking the button below. We encourage you to share the video with your friends, family and colleagues. 

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Melanoma Education Video

In educating themselves about melanoma, people often look to media such as websites, social networks and online videos. Unfortunately, much of the health information people find does not effectively get the information across, or lead to changes in habits.

In January 2013, the Douglas Wright Foundation committed funds to the development of a melanoma education video by Dr. Mike Evans. Dr. Mike is a family physician at St. Michael’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto. Dr. Mike's Reframe Health Lab has proven to bring together health care researchers, designers, artists, and others to devise compelling and innovative ways to deliver health messages. The video is available on YouTube by clicking the button below. We encourage you to share the video with your friends, family and colleagues.